Ludwig Supraphonic ’65!!!

Consider it a tradition…Last year on my 27th birthday I gave myself (well, yeah..My wife helped me a lot!) the coolest present ever…MY BELOVED Ludwig Black Beauty!!…And you know how much I love that badboy!

Well for my 28th birthday look who appeared today just in time for the party!:
















A beautiful Ludwig Supraphonic from 1965!!! very well preserved, all original and with a sound to die for!!The Supra is considered one of the best snare drums in history, in fact it’s called the “Most Recorded Snare Drum in History”!! So yeah…I’m pretty excited with this new member of my little but beautiful snare drum collection…I just love Ludwig Snare Drums…they just have that “Mojo”...

For the moment I have a Remo Controlled Sound coated with the classic Remo Ambassador snare side…I might change the Batter head  for a “Vintage Ambassador” or a X14…Let’s see what happens!

For now…What can I say, This Birthday has just started the right way!!



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