Colombia…Veni Vidi Vici!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Colombia for everything!! I spent the last month back in Colombia with my family and my second family: The DrumBloggers!! Drummers from Medellín and Bogotá supported the “Así Que Eres Baterista” Masterclass Tour and it was a total success!!

IMG_6148In Medellín I had the opportunity to bring my Masterclass to the academy “HARD ROCK TALLER” where the drummer shared with me 3 hours of drums, tips, history, music…I mean, best time ever!

Same in Bogota thanks to my brothers of the band “DON TETTO”, who runs the new and amazing “EL TOKE” a place where real musicians can practice and shed with the best gear! The room was jam packed! and the drummers were really fun and receptive…It was without a doubt a dream come true!




This is only the beginning, Mexico and Argentina are probably the next in line..But I would love to visit every single country and had a great time with the drummers who support this beautiful project called! THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE! I’M THE HAPPIEST DRUMMER ALIVE!

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