“No matter if it is through music…Or through the videos and articles I publish in, I really need to connect with people…And having the opportunity to support and help drummers all around the world has been a game changer for me! It definitely makes you more humble and even more musical”

Born in Colombia, Juan Baratto is a professional drummer who lives and breathes drums…15 years ago, he committed to the instrument that has driven him to all around the world. Undoubtedly, Latin music has permeate through his drumming DNA…while later on drummers like John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Chad Smith, Alex González, Steve Jordan and Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson gave Juan a whole world of ideas and a basic, groovy but powerful approach to drumming.

Juan has played with some of the most important bands and artists in his native Colombia: Don Tetto, Frankie Jazz, Claudia de Colombia and Sexto Sentido….He even won the Subterranica Award for “Best Drummer” in 2009…but outside of his country, he has also laid his signature heavy backbeat on different projects and recordings while living in France, and now settled in Australia he is currently the drummer for the Melbourne based Rock Band Holliava.

But playing the drums isn’t everything…since the beginning of 2012, Juan launched a website called The project focuses on giving information, Vlogs, reviews, advice and material for drummers in a language in which sometimes it’s really difficult to find truthful and quality information or even worse, you’ll find it in a old boring style… Being from Colombia, Juan writes all this content thinking specially in all the Spanish-speaking drummers around the world, in a way that has proven to be quite appealing as well entertaining.

“It’s not always about speed, independence and technique, though they are great tools…I really try to bring hope and strength in a different way: Always remembering that what we do is great and fun! And actually we’re quite lucky to be able to even do all this with our hands and feet!…Being a great drummer means being a good all around person, a good soul with something to say and express through the instrument, without this, it’s all noise…” has received the support from thousands of drummers who everyday check in the website for news, reviews, articles, or the now famous “Vlogs” in which Juan give drummers enormous amounts of information concerning a wide range of drumming topics. The website has also had the approval from Professional drummers like Alex Acuña, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Rich Redmond, Dom Famularo, Waldo Madera, Ernesto Simpson, Raul Pineda, Matt Halpern, Enrique Gonzalez and Brendan Buckley.

With the success of, Juan will be starting a tour of Clinics called “Así Que Eres Baterista??” (So, you are drummer right?) That will take place in Colombia by the end of this year and then will be visiting Mexico and Argentina in 2014, while keeping up with his drumming duties with Holliava in Australia.

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