Colombia…Veni Vidi Vici!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Colombia for everything!! I spent the last month back in Colombia with my family and my second family: The DrumBloggers!! Drummers from Medellín and Bogotá supported the “Así Que Eres Baterista” Masterclass Tour and it was a total success!!

IMG_6148In Medellín I had the opportunity to bring my Masterclass to the academy “HARD ROCK TALLER” where the drummer shared with me 3 hours of drums, tips, history, music…I mean, best time ever!

Same in Bogota thanks to my brothers of the band “DON TETTO”, who runs the new and amazing “EL TOKE” a place where real musicians can practice and shed with the best gear! The room was jam packed! and the drummers were really fun and receptive…It was without a doubt a dream come true!




This is only the beginning, Mexico and Argentina are probably the next in line..But I would love to visit every single country and had a great time with the drummers who support this beautiful project called! THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE! I’M THE HAPPIEST DRUMMER ALIVE!

New Canopus Drums and Protection Racket Endorser!

I’m very proud and honoured to say that I’m officially a Canopus Drums and Protection Racket cases endorser!

After 15 years of hard work, these 2 amazing brands have deposited their trust and confidence in me and I’m sure that very good things are going to happen with this new relationship.

I’m a big fan of Canopus’ products, they are beautifully made in Japan by some of the most skilled Drum makers in the whole world…The attention to detail is painstaking and the results are just beautiful to the ear as for the eyes!

The set I’ll be receiving very soon it’s going to be a Neo Vintage 60-M2 series, made with 3 plies of African Mahogany/Poplar with solid maple reinforcement Hoops…Awesome open-Vintage sound! The snare is a “The Maple MFP” 6,5×14” with 12 plies of Maple…Hopefully I’ll be ordering some other snares very soon too (The Zelkova and “The Brass” are coming soon baby!)

Nothing better to protect my new set (now under construction) than the world renown Protection Racket cases!! Easy to carry and ultra protection for my drums and cymbals!!

I have to say Thank you so much to Shinishi Usuda, Taxi Okuyama and all the CANOPUS Drums team in japan, Dean Bowdery from PROTECTION RACKET in UK and Ben Cuthbert from Galactic Music Australia for all the help and kindness.


Recording “Lavigne” with Holliava!

Hey everybody!! Just wanted to share this little video I recorded while in the studio with the Holliava boys!!

We know through all your comments and messages that “Lavigne” is one of your favourite H-songs…And we went to Basin Studios with Producer Matt D’Arcy to record this single just for all the fans and people that supports the band! So far? It’s sounding unreal!!

As soon as all the mixing and Mastering and all that  weird stuff finishes…I’ll give you the end product for your listening pleasure!!


Ludwig Supraphonic ’65!!!

Consider it a tradition…Last year on my 27th birthday I gave myself (well, yeah..My wife helped me a lot!) the coolest present ever…MY BELOVED Ludwig Black Beauty!!…And you know how much I love that badboy!

Well for my 28th birthday look who appeared today just in time for the party!:
















A beautiful Ludwig Supraphonic from 1965!!! very well preserved, all original and with a sound to die for!!The Supra is considered one of the best snare drums in history, in fact it’s called the “Most Recorded Snare Drum in History”!! So yeah…I’m pretty excited with this new member of my little but beautiful snare drum collection…I just love Ludwig Snare Drums…they just have that “Mojo”...

For the moment I have a Remo Controlled Sound coated with the classic Remo Ambassador snare side…I might change the Batter head  for a “Vintage Ambassador” or a X14…Let’s see what happens!

For now…What can I say, This Birthday has just started the right way!!



HOLLIAVA’S Live Session!

Hey guys! The live Session was amazing!! Such a great experience and the band did a great job with the 4 tracks we made for you!! You’re gonna love them…One is a bit romantic…the other is more “edgy”…”The Thinker” has this cool vibe going on…And “Running From The Sky” is just brilliant!...All the videos are on the Media/Videos section…Please check’em all and tell me what you think about them!!

Alright, I’ll leave this one here for your viewing pleasure…This is a new song, and people love it!...”Lavigne”!


Sounding Good with the Remo´s!!!

Lately I have been experimenting with different heads…Pretty soon I´ll be recoding an amazing video/Live session with Holliava so I´ve been looking for that perfect sound and feel for that particular event…The results?

John Bonham was rightRemo Emperor Coated Rock!...I had used the Ambassadors  on the Kick batter side before…but I found that the Emperors give me and amazing mix of warm tones, punch with a somehow controlled sound…Very Vintage Rock indeed!

I did wanted to try the Emperor X Coated for my Black Beauty…But I just love the way the CS Controlled Sound Black Dot works for my tuning range on that brass shell…