In The Rehearsal Room with HOLLIAVA!

I´m having so much fun playing with Holliava…I really feel so proud of this project: The music, the lyrics, the grooves but the chemistry with these guys it´s just great!

Have a sneak peek of what it feels like to be in the rehearsal room with the band in the land down under!:


My New Protection Racket Cases!

I just got my new PROTECTION RACKET cases!! I love them…I got tired of the old heavy, bulky Hardcases…these PR give me the perfect combination of protection, durability and portability!!…Ah!, And they look freakin´Cool! Take a look of my new Cymbal Case…Ohhhh I´ll be showing my new Cymbal set pretty soon so stick around!

New Drum Cover…Jason Aldean´s “HickTown”!!

Hey everybody…It’s been awhile since the last Drum Cover…Jason Aldean..I really like his music…and Rich Redmond its awesome on the drums!! gives the band a powerful sound with amazing groove…I’m using here my new Ludwig BB…it’s a beast! Tuned quite low so it has this oomph and really blows my mind everytime I play it!

Hope you guys dig it…and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!! I promise I’ll be uploading more cool videos real soon!!



A Lil´ Warm Up….(video)

As the title implies….well this is just a warm up before a session, checking out the tuning of the drums and getting in the “Zone”…:)

6,5×14″ Ludwig Black Beauty Tuning Test!!

Just amazing what this BB can do!! Turned it down for a wet, deep sound or crank it up for that high pitched crack!!!..Check It Out!!!

Thank You Pro-Mark Drumsticks (Meinl Distribution EU)!!

I’m very grateful with the people of Pro-Mark Drumsticks and Meinl Distribution EU for sending me this Brick of my favorite Drumsticks!!…Pro Rounds 5A with a matching Pro Mark Drumstick Case!!!  Thank You, Thank You,  Thank You Guys! Now let’s put them to work!!